Criteria for choosing toys

Choosing toys for a child is a very important issue. It should be approached reasonably and rationally. Buying a baby toy at any age should consider how it would play with it, which brings it well or that toy for the child in a certain amount of time if it will be interesting for him, and “just the right age.” Especially when it comes to a one-year-old child. Because at the age of one there is an active knowledge of the world and the development of basic skills, it is necessary to choose educational toys first.

Toys must be of high quality.
toy material should be non-toxic and eco-friendly because children at this age are often all pulling in the mouth and try on a tooth.
When choosing toys, you should avoid unnatural light colors.
Toys must match the age of the child.

When choosing toys, you have to be guided by the “less is better, but better” principle. It is more fair to buy expensive and quality toys than five poor inferior quality. First of all, this is a child safety issue.

A poor quality toy is often made of cheap and fragile material, so toys are more often broken. Toys for one-year-olds should be strong, because at this time, children check everything to be strong. During the game, the toy may break and there is a risk of damaging the child’s health: parts can scratch the skin reaching into the mouth, nose. Soft toy players that do not meet the standards may break and push the filler into the respiratory tract.