Every modern car – many types of parts and components

However, this system is not immune to damage, in fact, sooner or later something will fail. For example, the Lifan fuel system or Great Wall stop signs of life. In such cases you should always buy new parts. Here is the main catch: what parts to buy, original or not? The original parts are manufactured by the two car manufacturer or its subsidiaries. Each part is provided with a unique number and brand name.

The main advantages of the original automotive parts: high quality and fully compatible; Manufacturer’s warranty; Increases operating life; Almost zero risk of buying counterfeit goods. On the other hand, they are not deprived of original parts and a number of disadvantages. For example, the cost of these parts is difficult to access. In general, it is 30-50% higher than that of similar, and sometimes comparable, quality parts manufacturing parts. Also, claiming a car enthusiast’s spare parts will surely be unpleasantly surprised by Check Latency, as is often a part imported from abroad. Occasionally, wait time may be delayed for several months. Yes, and in the warehouses of many automotive product stores often needed details is not there.

And now it’s time to talk about non-original auto parts. These are products that are produced in factories that are not related to carmakers. These companies simply acquired a manufacturing license. Most often they are releasing details for a particular group. For example, it can be large wall parts for brake, steering and suspension, or electric motor. These car parts are often sold under their own brand or Pakers brand.

The advantages of non-original car products: low cost for acceptable enough, and often comparable to the original, such as; Availability (available in almost every auto store as well as online stores). However, it is not without flaws. The main disadvantage – you can often find defective or poor quality parts. In addition, users often complain about too little of these parts. On the other hand, a lower price to rely on something more is not necessary. In fact, decide what to buy parts, only for the end user.