How to choose a car for oil?

Every car owner, picking up the engine oil for the machine, think about what kind of technical problems occur with the car, if you use this engine oil. Most motorists are buying oil from well-known and popular manufacturers, without checking the quality, and pay a lot of money at the same time …

There are seasonal and off-season oil, mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils kinds. Mineral oils are used for domestic production of the old cars. It is highly viscous structure and does not cause leakage of seals in the car.

Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils help quickly to start the car in the winter when it’s cold outside, protect engine parts from wear. Mineral oils, structurally viscous, cooled in a heat detail.

Synthetic oils are susceptible to overheating and working at low temperatures does not cause oxidation when used for a long time. Selection for the machine oil should be carried out on the basis of the engine issue date, the type and the condition in which the vehicle is operated.
How to choose a car for oil?

When choosing a motor oil is taken into account: the type of road on which the vehicle travels, the air temperature. Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer vehicles. If you choose the wrong car oil, it will cause wear of parts much faster.

Vehicle Manufacturer always indicate the average values of viscosity, with minor amendments to the operating conditions. Please note that you need a different motor oil in a different time period.

Usually the manufacturer’s factory filled a special oil, the replacement of which is made after the expiry of a certain period. After break, filled with high-quality oil in the car.

In the selection of oil for the car, it is worth to listen not only to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but also pay attention to the wear parts. Automobile owners of used cars prefer domestic brands of motor oils, and always use mineral oil and season.

The imported cars, we recommend using high-quality synthetic or semi-synthetic oil, but does not prohibit the use of mineral oil of superior quality. It is recommended to change the oil of the engine with pre-wash, if an oil change is one viscosity to another …