How to choose an air conditioner in an apartment and for a house

With the onset of summer heat, more and more thoughts arise about the urgency of installing an air conditioner in your apartment. In any store of home appliances, there are many different air conditioning systems, differing in functionality, manufacturers and, of course, the price. How not to get lost in such abundance, and what air conditioner is better to choose for an apartment?

Here is how the preferred list of questions should look, the answer to which leads to a successful choice:
a type;
Basic functions;
additional functions.

Types of air conditioning systems
By design, air conditioners differ in:
Split systems;
Mobile air conditioners.

Window conditioners

Reflecting on which air conditioner to choose in an apartment is simpler, cheaper and without problems with the installation, then this is exactly what you need. The compressor and heat exchanger in this version are mounted in a single housing. The main advantage of this air conditioner is the performance of two functions: cooling and airing the room by taking external air. Such problems are solved very little by a split-system. The second plus is cheap. In fact, this is the cheapest option not today.

Among the shortcomings of “window-dressers” are the following:

Too much noise during operation;
Installation in the window will reduce the amount of light;
Lack of additional functions.