How to use a fungicide for plants?

We have developed a classification of the chemical agent on the basis, in order to facilitate your task in their choice. So, fungicides are:

The chemical composition
Inorganic. They contain manganese, copper ions, sulfur.
Organic. They synthesized hydrocarbon based.
Chemical fertilizers. Derived by experiments in connection with the ever-increasing fashion for ekosadovodstvo. Such materials are made on the basis of special bacteria.

In terms of application
There are two types of drugs. Some use only in the growing plant to be treated, and the other only in the moment, which falls on the rest period of the plant.

According to the mechanism of action on pathogens
It also identified two subgroups of fungicides. The first BASF Agriculture group includes chemical drugs, which must be processed only seed. They shall, if I may say so, a preventive function and constitute an obstacle to the plants to pests disputes not penetrated into their tissues. Another group of drugs are the so-called, the therapeutic nature of matter. That is, they are processed by the plant throughout the growing season, which is already infected with spores of fungi. Their action is aimed at total eradication of the dispute, lest there was a further development of the disease.

As methods of penetration into the plant
Contact. Such fungicides kill the mycelium and spores of the disease directly on the surface of the plant to be treated without further penetrate deep into its tissues.
System. They are contrary penetrate deeply into the tissues of the plant and are fighting to place the affected organs inside.

According to this classification, you can already choose a suitable fungicide, based on the problems and ways of solving preferences. And only then you should determine the best fungicides for themselves.