In the process of skin care

The first group (basic) includes:
– cleansing milk, intended for delicate cleansing of the skin of the face;

– toners – means that evaporate almost immediately after application, cool and refresh the skin, and also remove unnecessary remains of the epidermis, narrow the pores and take part in the normalization of the acid-base balance;

– Moisturizing cream, the main function of which is the formation of a protective film, effectively preventing evaporation of moisture from the upper layers of the skin.

To the second group (additional funds) are:

– face masks designed to either increase the depth of face cleansing (cleansing), or significantly increase the moisture content in the skin (moisturizing);

– means for eyelid care and a zone around the eyes (creams and gels);

– “night” creams that strengthen and nourish the skin in the evening and during night sleep;

– “Daytime” creams – nourish the face and protect it from the negative impact of the environment;

In the process of skin care, one should not forget about cosmetic procedures (hardware cosmetology, injection techniques, massages, etc.). After all, only an integrated approach will preserve the beauty and youth of your skin.