It is important to pay special attention to the choice of mattress

1) The soft mattress, having no restoration, sinks and becomes like the hammock when a body rests on it. Thus, it distorts the body by “swallowing” the inside of the body, thereby contributing to damage such as scoliosis and kyphosis.
The terms “soft” and “hard” in relation to the layers are subjective. Depending on the weight and body structure in general, the body lying on the mattress. For example, the same mattress is soft for a body weighing 80 kilos and hard for a body weighing 40 kilos.

2) The elastic layer is the appropriate layer for proper body support, because the elastic means it is precisely adapted to the shape of the body. Thus, the body maintains its natural attitude, its attitude when it stands upright.

Moreover, contrary to the concepts of “hardness” and “softness”, the concept of flexibility is objective. It is scientifically approachable and laboratory-measurable.

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The term orthopedic mattress is inappropriate, since it describes some hard layers that have been made in the way of someone else’s rather than our own. The same applies to the term anatomic. The layers are baptized as such.

The following terms may be well-defined terms in our description.
for the right mattress and for the right pillow.

Because the needs and preferences of each individual differ, the right mattress is not the same for everyone. Generally, however, we can say that it should help align and support the spine and head.