Mattresses with memory

Body weight, body disproportionately, ie a person with belly accustomed to sleep on your stomach will have to choose a softer mattress and not a rigid one. The reason is simple, rigid position on a mattress on the belly, we put pressure on the column quite high. Basically belly will push column also a rigid mattress will put pressure on all permanent support points, thus obscuring peripheral circulation. Consequently famous orthopedic mattresses are not suitable to anyone, anytime.

– Position during sleep, is another essential factor in choosing the right mattress, in general whatever position our body will suffer if we choose a very firm mattress. This is because our body is not flat, so the pressure will be on prominent points and not the entire body. In certain situations can get pressure on a vertebra to be twice our body weight. It is important to seek a firm mattress but also easily collapsible after our body.

– Age is another factor that matters in choosing the mattress when it comes to age, we have two special CATEGORY: children, adolescents and the elderly increase. For both Categori people recommend the same type of mattress, meaning a firm mattress, this time we can go on a mattress stiffer provided that the person to have a normal weight.

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The best mattress category are those who have memory foam layer, is so far the best innovation in the field which is found in pet shops. Memory foam has an important role in the distribution of pressure throughout the body, so the biggest problems disappear. The pressure on the column will be substantially lower, peripheral blood flow will not be affected. But it is important and memory foam layer, it must be right. Ie neither too high because the body will sink, which will make it difficult movement during sleep, leading to fatigue default.

This type of mattress can supply our every desire, that can be a mattress softer or stronger one depending on memory foam layer. If required we will choose a rigid mattress memory foam 3 cm, it will be firm but at the same time we will protect the peripheral blood system. If we opt for a fluffy mattress will have to choose a product that will have a layer of memory foam at least 5 cm.

Mattresses with memory as well as other types of mattresses require a time of adjustment, especially if I was accustomed to sleeping on a medium other. But before all mattress should be attempted, most companies that sell mattresses allow a trial period, meaning the product can be returned if it suits us. It is important to make a good choice, otherwise unwanted effects may occur and this is not right and correct problems that have emerged over time is very difficult.