Windows from our store

Today’s electric glass precursor was introduced for the first time in 1926 and was used by a crank with a rotating knob. Its application has been made necessary because of the ability of cars to travel far more far than in the past and therefore the need for a rain protection device. Prior to this period many cars were not equipped with side windows. The introduction of the regulatory window is, however, due to the need to leave fresh air inside the passenger compartment which, due to the windows, has become a closed space.
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Parquet or laminate: similarities and differences in selection

Repairs – literally “catastrophe” that catches up with everyone, sooner or later, but need not have to suffer. If we talk about decorating the walls and ceilings, they require attention in about 3 years, but the gender situation is much more serious. It fits with the prospect of many years, therefore, the choice of parquet is responsible step. And then asks many questions, because the materials are now available in a wide range. One of these points will be discussed in this publication and its essence – it is better, or laminate flooring?
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Every modern car – many types of parts and components

However, this system is not immune to damage, in fact, sooner or later something will fail. For example, the Lifan fuel system or Great Wall stop signs of life. In such cases you should always buy new parts. Here is the main catch: what parts to buy, original or not? The original parts are manufactured by the two car manufacturer or its subsidiaries. Each part is provided with a unique number and brand name.
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Steps for installing metal gates

Installation of the frame. The time-consuming and difficult part of the installation process, which determines the proper functioning of the gate. If the frame in the opening assembly unprepared to install special dowels. Pins for finished frame is attached by welding. The inner and outer plates of the box are connected by metal strips.
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