Parquet or laminate: similarities and differences in selection

Repairs – literally “catastrophe” that catches up with everyone, sooner or later, but need not have to suffer. If we talk about decorating the walls and ceilings, they require attention in about 3 years, but the gender situation is much more serious. It fits with the prospect of many years, therefore, the choice of parquet is responsible step. And then asks many questions, because the materials are now available in a wide range. One of these points will be discussed in this publication and its essence – it is better, or laminate flooring?

General information about laminate
Few boards
Some similar features
Heavy “for” and “against”
Wear resistance as a criterion
The complexity of the installation compared

Application: operating conditions
For easier care?
Price / quality ratio
An important aspect of – environmentally

Why them? Because these materials are the most popular: Parquet – synonymous with high-quality laminate – ease of use, convenience. But at the end, you must first understand exactly what they look like.