Second garage door: corrosion protection

When buying a garage door, the buyers expect them to retain an attractive appearance for many years and do not require regular maintenance. In order to hopefully become true, it is necessary to understand how the gate is protected from the negative effects of the environment.
uses a zinc layer thickness of 18 microns for all metal elements, including loops, springs and the fabric itself.

It is possible to order doors with stainless steel grinding and rollers – this series is designed for difficult operating conditions. The fabric is necessarily of zinc and ground and then varnished.

But in the protective layer can be regarded as an example: Steel plate coated with a zinc coating on both sides, the surface of the plates is only necessary, primed and then coated polyurethane coating thickness of 20-25 micrometers. The upper varnish layer is modified with polyamide particles, thus exhibiting increased resistance to impacts, scratches and chemical influences. Roller brackets are made of stainless steel so no corrosion is possible.