Secrets of the right choice of betting

Bedroom – a rather intimate place in our house. We rarely invite strangers into it, they themselves are held there for at least 9-10 hours per day. That is, more than 30% of life. If the other rooms, we can partial comfort or practicability of the furniture to sacrifice itself for fashion and beauty, the bedroom is not exactly the place where the furniture is chosen to capture the imagination of the visitors. The ideal bedroom should be warm and cozy. It is certainly worth a bed, and you go in the evening with pleasure, and so that you do not want to leave in the morning.

Therefore, first and foremost the choice of the bed – a series of comfort levels that it can offer you.

Over the past decade on the furniture market, a variety of new, dynamic operators. Factories, Poland, China, Italy, offer thousands of models of beds in different shapes and colors, made of wood, metal and even plastic, for any taste and budget. But one thing it connects – beneath the lying surface in them is soldering pads. (It is sometimes called slates, night bars, orthopedic floorboards). This product was 10 years before unfamiliar, also trader of furniture, but today it is used by more than 80% of the beds manufactured in Europe.

And this is connected with the fact that the use of plywood or chipboards as a material bed base has certain disadvantages, to repair conductors among them the low wear resistance and unreason. In addition, manufacturers of mattresses are constantly said that the life of an orthopedic mattress, lying on a hard one-piece floor is much smaller, soldering points lie on the frame. Since a good mattress is a minimum, and the price on the frame of the bed above the price of a sheet of plywood or chipboard of only 10-20 USD, the conclusions are closing.