Steps for installing metal gates

Installation of the frame. The time-consuming and difficult part of the installation process, which determines the proper functioning of the gate. If the frame in the opening assembly unprepared to install special dowels. Pins for finished frame is attached by welding. The inner and outer plates of the box are connected by metal strips.
Install window shutters. They are hung on hinges as well as any other door.
Install Wicket. The gate is fitted with the finished opening one of the doors.
Installation of locks. Usually flaps with two strong bolts in the manufacture of gates for the garage, as models from catalogs. On request, they can be supplemented with strong locks with a high degree of evidence. On the gate and the factory lock set, which can be replaced.

At the beginning of the work, it is important to correctly place the vertical and ceiling rails. Profile box must not be deformed during installation of the gate. To do this, make sure that the appropriate size of garage doors and openings.
Properties Installation of swing gate

The flaps must be opened and closed when subjected to forces. If they start moving on their own, it means that the installation was a mistake.
If the gate installation is important, follow the instructions to avoid their wrong work.
They should carefully observe all steps of the installation of the garage door.

As you can see, the gate assembly – a tedious process, so run it yourself is difficult. Highly qualified specialists from our company will help you.