Supply of electricity

From 1 January 2014 for non-household consumers of electricity have been removed completely regulated tariffs for electricity supply, modification represents a logical step that followed the liberalization of the electricity market in Romania. Together, the two issues, market liberalization and elimination of tariffs will lead to a truly competitive market.

To take advantage of the liberalization of the electricity market, a consumer must express the entitlement. This right allows the consumer electricity price negotiation both active and certain contractual provisions, and to choose between offerings from multiple electricity suppliers accredited by ANRE, that can change their electricity supplier.

Changing electricity supplier is simple, free and no interruption of power supply, power plants modifying or changing electric meter. Switching process is conducted for a place or for more consumption. In the process of switching a consumer involved following legal entities: consumer of electricity, current supplier, new supplier and distribution operator.

  • електроенергия пловдив

Changing electricity supplier is guaranteed by the Electricity Law and gas and is regulated by ANRE Order no. 105/2014. Although changing electricity provider is a simple process, this is achieved only if certain conditions are met, namely:
– The consumer has issued a notice to place the consumer connection or technical certificate valid connection;
– It is the legal owner of the place of consumption.