The classic remains in itself and does not go out of fashion

Clock in classic design – everywhere suitable and suitable for everything. Leather or metal strap, dial with Arabic or Roman numerals, calm tones and clean lines – that’s what makes this accessory is always fashionable.

Sport has finally become our life. Morning jogging, gyms and gyms are our everyday life. Sports bells have come in style, the major sports brands themselves produce accessories under their own name with the brand. They are ergonomically shaped to not interfere with the workouts, and a list of necessary features includes a pedometer, stopwatch and calorie counter.

If the bag for centuries keeps its appearance and purpose, it is with the strap different transformations. An unusual strap has become one of the season’s trends. Instead of the usual strips of leather or metal bracelets, we can see the bright silk scarf, lots of straps and lace in different sizes and colors of a single model, massive bracelet of all forearms, glass inserts, plastic and wood, decorative details in shape of birds, fish and multifaceted compositions.