The density of the racquet structure

The stiffer racket, the less power it absorbs impact unlike flexible racquets.

From the density structure of a tennis racket it depends largely on the potential impact power. If a more flexible rim racket, the ball will lose more energy than when in contact with a rigid surface. A common misconception among the tennis players is the so-called catapult effect – it argues that the flexible structure of the racket, the more it will give a ball of energy. It has nothing to do with what’s really going on. In reality, the ball remains on the surface of the entire string deprive a few milliseconds, whereas to recover its shape material body racket requires considerably more time. That is, it turns out that racket not only gives energy but instead absorbs it depending on the stiffness of the structure. The stiffer the racket, the less it absorbs a power-hitting as opposed to the flexible racquets.

In addition to the structure of the power density affects important parameters such as the control and playability. Purchasing power in one way or another there is a loss of control, but much depends on the style of tennis. Players can make their choice in favor of a more flexible racquet because it will provide a better rotation of the ball with sufficient power. For a player stiffer racquet can provide redundant power, which will lead to an increase in the number of errors. Rackets with higher density are less comfortable because in contrast with a flexible structure of rackets, much of vibration instead be absorbed, will be transferred in a tennis player’s hand.

But in any case, the comfort setting is subjective, because each of us has their own idea of comfort, so the choice is up to the player. But if you have a problem with a brush, elbow or shoulder, pay special attention to your feelings when choosing a tennis racket with a dense structure. It should also be noted that the racket stiffer give fewer opportunities for twisting ball, since it is delayed for a short time strung surface, unlike flexible racquets.

Weight loss made rackets tennis equipment manufacturers look for ways to improve comfort and suppression of unwanted vibrations. The main method, which received the application to date, is a vibration damping method in the handle. Wilson is applying for these purposes IsoZorb technology.