The mattress should be selected based on individual human parameters

Selection algorithm is based on our jointly developed with the physicians of orthopedic research.

The main parameters of the mattress selection:
Old man.
Weight (for double mattress weight is calculated on a single bed).
Individual wishes on the comfort of the mattress fillings.

Let us look more detail all the choices in.

old man
Typically, it begins with this parameter selection orthopedic mattress. This factor depends on the choice of stiffness and anatomical mattress. The older man (spine), the softer the mattress, which should be younger – the more hard mattress.

15-25 years in humans is rapid formation growth phase anatomically correct structure and backbone muscles require rigid fixation. This can be done while only lying horizontally. Only the hard or medium hard mattress offers such a position.

At the age of 25 to 47 years, the human body works physiologically without substantial changes a certain degree of development since achieved. Select the mattress during this time based on the physical condition of the organism as a whole and way of life in particular. Therefore fit in this time of life, all kinds of stiffness of orthopedic mattresses, a selection based only on personal preferences.

People between the ages of 47 to 50 years and older, need special comfort to sleep. You should choose a mattress with a high degree of anatomical and reduced stiffness ie, soft – soft.

These parameters are for the distribution of the mattress support certain parts of the body and the spine, as well as for the effects on the circulation and the breathing system during sleep.

Human weight
For people from 40 to 60 kg of all criteria of age and stiffness of mattresses with a weight, you should choose the softest.

If a mattress choice separate person to sleep 60 to 90 kg (ie the average rate), weight is not an important parameter.

For people weighing more than 90 kg should have a choice in favor of the most rigorous of the appropriate age models.

We should not forget that each mattress in its design has limitations on the maximum allowable weight on a berth.