This places a burden on the service life of the components and reduces the motor power

Nobody lives in a developed country, should fear the purchase of contaminated fuel. Nevertheless, be equipped with a fuel filter is essential. The causes of the contamination are numerous and varied. When refueling at the right station, the danger remains minimal because the fuel pumps are usually equipped with pistons that cover the open areas of the reservoir. Unfortunately, sometimes it has to do with filling stations less well-equipped, in which the risk of transfer particles suspended in the container is greater.

In addition, we must pay attention that the paint that covers the tank cover does not crumble and fall into the tank. In theory, even the hose seals that lead from the reservoir into the block head of the intake valve can be dangerous to do so. Here are just some of the reasons to have a clean and reliable fuel filter is crucial for the right engine to work. Its replacement is easier, with diesel engines, where it is larger and easily accessible while in gasoline vehicles, it is arranged directly in the hose. Because of its function to filter very small particles, the fuel filters are provided with a filter medium of paper or nonwoven. These filter media can block and thus stop the fuel flow. Thus, the combustion will be slower and chin will have fuel. The contaminated materials can also cause damage to the piston and cause irregular combustion inside the cylinder.

In older cars, rust can also be a problem in the tank. The tank itself is hardly achieved under oxidation in what is rusty metal or plastic. In our online shop you will find all the spare parts you need (eg radiators, wipers, timing belts, etc.) at an affordable price.