To prevent or stop the backlog of the school curriculum

One of the key arguments in favor of tutoring is that an individual approach to a child at school is a practically impossible task. Therefore, if the teaching methods do not correspond to the speed of learning the child’s material, if the reading and writing skills develop too slowly – the school is unlikely to be able to help with such problems.
In some cases, with a particularly complex program, even the most capable children can start falling behind. One gap in knowledge leads to another gap, and such a growing problem becomes like a snowball and can at some point become catastrophic, especially if it happens in an elementary school.

Lagging also leads to a whole galaxy of psychological problems in the form of apathy, indifference, bad behavior and resentment. An additional problem is that in Western schools, for example, with poor performance, a child gets into a group (“set”) of children with the same low level of academic performance and lack of interest in learning, which creates a kind of vicious circle.