Want to know what is the barometer of the male fashion sense

Sneakers or good sneakers perfectly complement the combination of jeans and T-shirts. They are comfortable, Men’s basic wardrobe sneakers and moccasins, they can go to the bar with friends. Must be present summer moccasins, which are easily combined with any clothes wardrobe.

The expensive leather wallet is an additional plus for the man, while the stuffed sticking pockets are a fat minus. A brown or black purse may seem boring, Men’s basic wardrobe purses however these two colors have the winning advantage of combining with clothing of any color and style.
Finishing touch

The only true answer is the clock. Often this is the only decoration that men allow themselves. So this element is designed by the Male Base Wardrobe to tell a lot about your personality and sense of style. Do not stint on expensive branded watches that will serve you for many years and always look stylish.

I wish you, dear men, with or without your wives, good shopping. To refresh went to your face and style, and bought a new thing successfully fit into the base wardrobe. As in that joke about a caring wife: “I bought a suit for my husband that when he saw himself in the mirror, he greeted himself with himself.”