What clothes should I prefer?

Forms of formidable clothes to throw garbage and forget about them forever – this is understandable. But what to do?

To give a figure depicted to the figure, do not neglect to pull the linen. Today, manufacturers do not only offer women’s corsets, but also pull-out helmets, belts, shorts, etc. The visual drawing shoe pulls up and forms a smoother and more uniform figure, pulls the figure up. When you put on such a lingerie, you will immediately notice how your figure was lifted and lifted. Now it’s much easier to put on your favorite dress or skirt and do not feel embarrassed by your magnificent shapes.

To look thinner, you prefer heel shoes, their height should be at least medium. To visually expand legs, to your pants, choose shoes or sandals in the color of your trousers. Just draw the naked nude color figure (beige). Give up shoes with crossbands or clamps. Such models make the legs visually and the whole figure is shorter.