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Today’s electric glass precursor was introduced for the first time in 1926 and was used by a crank with a rotating knob. Its application has been made necessary because of the ability of cars to travel far more far than in the past and therefore the need for a rain protection device. Prior to this period many cars were not equipped with side windows. The introduction of the regulatory window is, however, due to the need to leave fresh air inside the passenger compartment which, due to the windows, has become a closed space.

Some models were equipped with folding windows, for example, French cars manufactured after 1945. The windows, however, were immediately considered a more practical and comfortable solution. It consists of a crank connected to a cable that has the function of raising or lowering the side window of the e-mail. To this end, inside the door a spur is installed, which allows to handle the mechanism with great ease. This technique is still in use today. The only novelty is the use of an electric motor for this purpose. The power window was first installed in 1941 on one of the Ford models.
Some European manufacturers, such as BMW and Mercedes, adopted in the early 1950s. This has made it possible to manage the position of the window with a small button. Such a control unit is usually located on the center console or on the side door armrest, in the vicinity of the handle. The mechanism also has some protection functions. These include the frame protection function, which makes the window move only when there is no obstacle between the glass and the frame. In addition, whenever the window reaches the highest or lowest point, the electric motor automatically stops.

The failure of the regulator window is most often caused by irregularities in the operation of the car electrical system or by tearing of the gears. To fix the problem, you must remove the inner lining of the door. In our online store you will find a wide range of spare parts (for example, runners, relays, brake drum, expansion valve, intermittent alternator generator) for most car brands.