With what to combine an animal print in clothes

Many women feel in the soul of themselves as true predators, because they adore animal prints in clothes. In this case, stick to the sense of style, to appear seductive and passionate.

Before choosing a print dress of this plan, try to follow the rules. Observe the line between sophistication and vulgarity. Consider the advice of professionals to create a sexual image.

If you chose a leopard blouse, then let the bottom be more monochrome. In this case, the optimal solution is black leather, jeans. Trousers or overalls, shorts of dark color are best complemented by a bright leopard top.

If as the top or bottom you choose an animal print, then the second part of the dress should be chosen in black or white. So you will appear stylish, somewhat modest and beautiful.

In all that you wear, there must be only one print item. Let it be a blouse, a raincoat, a T-shirt or a skirt. You can then provide only one small accessory – belt, bag or bracelet.

White or beige color, dark tones perfectly complement prints. Yellow scarves and red shoes in this case are contraindicated. Never with a leopard print does not combine another animal print.

Animal prints can not be combined with a cage, peas, floral motifs or a strip. In this case, only designers can create successful images.

First, experiment with accessories. Wear them one at a time, then add another detail (scarf, belt).

Main colors that are combined with animal prints:

– White and black;
– red shoes or a bag look interesting with leopard print or zebra;
– the color of straw, beige will emphasize leopard print;
– khaki and sand color – the best addition.

Zebra can be successfully combined with white, and black and gray look great with bright colors.